storage limit scam

I am extremely frustrated and disappointed at your shady marketing.  On your web page for pricing and plans, under the free plan it says nothing about storage limits.  Only if you click on the link to open up the pdf does it appear.  It does indicate the records limit.  Hmm, don't you think the storage limit should also be posted there?  Now I'm stuck paying $348 or deleting out many records (apparently only able to be done one at a time).  I wouldn't have saved the attachments in my emails if I knew this was the case.  Is there a way to delete files in a better way than one at a time?  I'd rather you drop this shady practice and remove my storage limit.



  • Hello,

    We provide the PDF document on the pricing site as a Full Comparison of our Plans and Features that we offer as a company. The feedback you provided is greatly appreciated. It's not possible to delete files in bulk at this time. As a workaround, if you bulk delete emails, file attachments will also be deleted.

    Here's an article that provides more helpful information on how to delete data.

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  • I'm incredibly frustrated by the storage limit.  I've only sent 33 emails and received 7 through insightly but it's already full!  What company can possibly work within those limits??


    Is there a fix for this?  Have I done something by mistake that can be rectified or do I need to move to Zoho?

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  • Hello Rosie, 

    To help clarify all Insightly accounts have specific record, field, and storage limits.

    Your Insightly administrator(s) can view the status of these limits, and how much free space is available, from your account's Billing & Account page. When you reach any of your limits, Insightly will notify you via email and when you log in to your account.

    To view a side by side comparison of these limits for all of our paid accounts, please visit our Pricing Page.

    You can read more about the limits and ways of reducing your storage use here: Insightly Storage Limits.

    Hope that helps! 

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