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The current method that Insightly uses seems totally backwards to me so I think I must be missing something. Why do contacts get created instead of leads? Aren't leads the first step and if you don't already have the person in your system and Insightly is seeing them for the first time they should be classified as a lead and not a contact? There seems to be absolutely no way to keep my contact list clean while having a lead list for new contacts, it's a large amount of manual effort to maintain something that should be simple, automatically create leads and convert your leads to contacts if they work out.

Please help, there's gotta be a less messy way to have this accomplished, I'm kinda shocked that the system skips the whole lead section upon import of an email.



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  • Hello,

    When sending emails to Insightly this we'll create a contact for you, not a Lead.

    Leads could be obtained through a purchased contact list, a form on your website, trade shows and meetings where you’ve gathered business cards, and other marketing efforts. You can create Insightly leads in a few different ways:

    Here's a helpful article on using Insightly to manage sales

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