Conditional Custom Fields (Appear or disappear) based on a value in another field.

Hello Insightly, 

Backstory: Our business model is quite complex, we often have multiple different products for multiple different sites(locations) for a single customer. 

What I would like to achieve with Insightly is to be able to set a custom field (eg number of sites) to say the value "3" and have three custom field groups appear that I can populate with information such as site address, contact details etc. I would also like to have the same occur for products within sites as well. Is there anyway that Insightly can handle multiple layers of information in this fashion? It's crucial we find a way to implement this. 

I have attached this flowchart as a visual aid to help explain what we would like to achieve. 



  • Hello,

    We currently do not have a way to allow for custom fields to be used in this way. I suggest posting your request on our Ideas and Suggestion page where fellow Insightly Users might be able to provide a workaround.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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  • How is your patience Richie? 

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