How do I synch Office 365 Emails?

 I have added my Office 365 email to Insightly, when I send an email from Inisghtly, it looks like I sent it from my Office 365 email account - which is great, recipient gets it, but if they reply, the reply only comes to my Office 365 Outlook and is not recorded or received in Insightly. How do I set it up so the conversation is in Insightly for me and my team to see?

I've tried all our resources. In trial mode, but being able to communicate in the app through email seems pretty basic functionality.





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  • Hello,

    Insightly is unable to accept email messages that have been replied to, so you'll need to forward emails to your Insightly mailbox individually.

    Insightly is not designed for this because invariably some emails you receive you may not wish to share with other users on your account. Also, saved email counts against the storage maximum for your account.

    Excessive saved email may require you upgrade your Insightly subscription prematurely. If you use the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail or the Insightly app for Outlook 2013 you can save emails that are applicable to Insightly with just one click or forward them to your Insightly mailbox.

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