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I used the code from the Insightly website to create a web to contact form and pressed save. Code is below. It was working fine and now it says "Sorry, Web to Contact Form has been Disabled by the administrator" when I go to submit the form. How can I correct this?

I also noticed that it says my record set is full, even after deleting a ton of contacts. Could this be the reason why this form no longer works? 

<form name="insightly_web_to_contact" action="" method="post"><input type="hidden" name="formId" value="ogoGjTW/HL8BWKpBWX2HRA==" /><label for="insightly_firstName">First Name: </label><input id="insightly_firstName" name="FirstName" type="text"/><br/><label for="insightly_lastName">Last Name: </label><input id="insightly_lastName" name="LastName" type="text"/><br/><label for="insightly_organization">Organization: </label><input id="insightly_organization" name="Organization" type="text"/><br/><label for="insightly_role">Title: </label><input id="insightly_role" name="Role" type="text"/><br/><label for="insightly_emailAddress">Email Address: </label><input id="insightly_emailAddress" name="EmailAddress" type="text"/><br/><input type="hidden" name="phones[0].Label" value="Work"/><label for="phones[0]_Value">Phone: </label><input id="phones[0]_Value" name="phones[0].Value" type="text"/><br/><label for="insightly_background">Additional background information: </label><br><textarea id="insightly_background" name="background" ></textarea><br/><input type="submit" value="Submit"></form>



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  • Hello,

    Since your Records limit is full we'll need to free up some space. Once you have available free space the Web to Contact will become active again. I suggest starting with clearing your Recycle Bin. 

    Items that will count towards your records limit include:

    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • Organizations
    • Opportunities
    • Projects
    • Tasks
    • Events
    • Notes
    • Comments
    • Reports
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