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When we convert leads to opportunities we are losing the lead source.

How can we keep this on the opportunity record?


Emer Kellington




  • Hello,

    Currently, at this time the Lead Source will not carry over when converting Leads to Opportunities. This article Converting a lead to a contact and a sales opportunity goes over what travels over during conversion in detail.

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  • Hi 

    We use this system to track where our leads are generated from so bit confusing that Lead Source does not carry over to opportunity.

    We seem to have a drop box where we can show where the lead source comes from but then it has different drop down options in the opportunity.

    Can you please clarify how we can set up the custom fields to pull this info through?

    Kind Regards


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  • Hi,

    Just to confirm, when converting Leads to Opportunities, the lead source does not carry over.

    I was able to take a look at your account, and you already have custom fields set up for lead source in Opportunities.

    You can view these custom fields by going to the profile icon> system settings> custom fields> opportunities.

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  • Hello, I am having the same issue regarding the lost "Lead Source" when converted to a Contact. I am not understanding the solution.... Should we not use the "Lead Source" field provided and only use a custom field so it will map over with the evolution? Or is there someway to map the "Lead Source" field provided into a custom field?

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  • Hi Emily:

    Contacts records don't have Lead Source as a default field so it won't carry over. If you would like the Lead Source data to appear in the converted Contact, a Custom Field will need to be used. 

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