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I have been trying to get exported (opportunities, projects, organizations etc) lists, but they are not being received by email. I have done all of the instructions listed below that came from a separate support ticket on the Insightly forums. Our organization uses Outlook. 



1) Check your spam folder. If the messages are there, you can usually mark them as ""not spam"", which will help future messages to go directly to your inbox.

2) Try adding the e-mail """" and  as a contact in your email program’s contacts list. Most email programs will allow messages from your contacts to pass through any filters. In my experience, this is usually the most reliable fix.

3) Add our domain name ( and to your approved senders list (whitelist). This process is a bit different for each email program, but If you use Gmail, you might find these instructions helpful:

If you've tried all of the above, re-sent the export, and still don't receive the email, let's try this:

  • Instead of exporting all Contacts/Projects/Opportunities/Organizations/Tasks, please try exporting a small subset of data (1 or 2 records) to see if this smaller batch comes through.

  • Try exporting a different record type. For example- If you're having trouble exporting Contacts, try exporting Organizations instead (all Organizations, and a subset of Organizations).

  • Have another user request the export file. Sometimes the export email is blocked for one user, but not for another.


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  • Hello Suzan,

    I apologize that you are still experiencing this issue after trying the above steps. I'll proceed to create a ticket for this issue. Keep an eye out for my email.

    Thanks for your patience! 

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