Orange sending button disappeared from my gmail

Hi there, I just notices, that the sending button IN disappeared from my gmail. I tried resetting by deleting the gmail account from the insightly settings and adding it again an it still does not work (not appears back). What do I do? Thank you.



  • Hey Tomas,

    I'm sorry you are having trouble. Try removing the Sidebar and re-authenticating within gmail itself instead of in Insightly. The orange button is related to the sidebar.

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  • Oh for goodness' saske, Alex S. Have a little mercy. Cut the IT lingo and explain it in plain English. I'm American and can't understand your response. How do you expect poor Tomáš Drážný who's from a foreign country to understand you? I have the same effing problem but your answer leaves me bereft of a solution.

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  • Hello Christie,

    Thanks for your feedback and sorry it was not clear to you in a way that you would find helpful.

    In regards to the Insightly Sidebar and that "IN" symbol that came with it to save emails, it is now discontinued and not supported. As a company, we're focusing all development efforts on our Insightly Gmail Add-on since it uses the current version of Gmail's API. 

    Because we are discontinuing the Sidebar, we will no longer review any issues with the Sidebar. However, don't worry, you still have options for saving your emails to Insightly. We recommend installing the new Insightly Add-on for Gmail.

    For steps, including uninstalling the Sidebar, please see the below:

    1. Remove the Insightly Sidebar by opening a Chrome window > click the three-dot icon >More Tools > Extensions
    2. Locate Insightly and click Remove
    3. Open the Gmail account that matches your Insightly login
    4. Locate the gear icon > Get add-ons
    5. Search for Insightly
    6. Select to install.
    7. Refresh your page in Gmail > click to open an email. You should see the Insightly Add-on appear on the right-hand navigation bar for add-ons
    8. Allow Insightly permissions to view contacts, emails, etc
    9. Log into the Insightly add-on

    You can find an overview of the Add-on here: The Insightly Add-on for Gmail. There is always the option to use your Insightly mailbox address to save emails too. 

    I hope that gives you some options. 

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