Importing Numeric Data into Custom Numeric Fields

Hi, I've scoured the helpdesk but can't find a definitive answer to my question, though it's clear that others are experiencing similar difficulties.

I've created a number of numeric custom fields and have cloned these through sales pipeline. I've imported leads but only some of my numeric custom fields come through. On the mapping screen, before the import takes place, everything looks in order and Insightly appears to correctly recognise my lead data (CSV). 

Does anyone have any suggestions why some numeric fields will import but others won't? One is a currency field, and I see that many people have issues with this, but the other is a standard numeric field but it won't import either.



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  • Hi Carl,

    I will be opening a ticket for us to work within since we'll be working with account information.

    Please be on the lookout for an email! :)

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