Recent items view update in latest release!

We’ve updated lists view for Leads, Contacts, and Organizations to display the most recent items opened. This means easy access to the records you use most, you no longer need to search for a particular record that you frequently visit. Save time by having the customers you frequently work with at your fingertips or keep leads you are currently working always on your list.




  • Awesome! Much easier to navigate.

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  • How do I turn this off? It's not helpful to me...


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  • I agree with @Kelly Newman's comment. Not a fan of the "New UI". This "feature" is wreaking havoc for me and my team. By only showing "recent" lists they are missing important info that falls outside of the "recent" parameters. How are you defining "Recent"?

     For example, when I would go to Leads or Opportunities, I was seeing the Kanban View for all open Leads or Opportunities. Now I just get the "recent" lists and no longer have them by stage. This is more than a minor inconvenience of switching views every time, it means I am losing visibility to new business opportunities in process!


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  • Hello Kelly,

    At this time Insightly does not allow for this feature to be turned off. If you have the time I encourage you to post your idea to our Ideas & Suggestions page. We are always looking for ways to further improve the Insightly experience for our users.

    Thank you for understanding! 

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