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Mobile App Version 3.22 update

In version 3.22 of the mobile app, you can now customize your screen with new options that include displaying relevant information like Today’s Tasks, Recent Activity, and Recently Viewed information.

You can easily know what needs to get done, what’s going on, and access important information all at a glance

Download or update your Insightly Mobile App 3.22 on iOS and Android.

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    Honestly, who cares. With this version, Insightly becomes "abandonware" for iOS9 users working on perfectly functional older Apple mobile devices. I'll enjoy the new features if I ever buy a new device, and if I'm still an Insightly customer by then.

    Exactly what would be wrong with leaving behind a feature frozen version of Insightly to keep change manageable for your customers. 

    Small businesses and not-for-profits don't just throw away working hardware.

    But they may throw away software companies that abandon them.

    Just sayin'.

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