New Insightly Add-on for Gmail now available!

For you Gmail and G Suite users, we’ve got a new Gmail Add-on available for your inbox. You can view people in a given thread, add new people to Insightly on the fly and search the CRM databases all directly from inside your Gmail.

The best part: it works on ANY browser and the Gmail mobile app (Android only for now)!

To learn more about the new Insightly Gmail Add-on, including how to install it, check out our Help Center articles.



  • The add-on seems to work fine but the functionality in the version is very limited. I can only hope there are plans to extend it before Google kills of the Insightly "gadget" in August. One of the MOST IMPORTANT functions I need is creating a new task from an email. The gadget does that beautifully. If there is not equivalent functionality available through the add-on or some other mechanism when the gadget disappears I will be looking for an Insightly replacement.

  • Ditto most of the above!

    Can't imagine Insightly developers could ignore this important feature.

    Gmail just released it's own email to "Google" Task functionality so it can't be that hard (for dev's) to replicate or sync back to Insightly.

    BTW: Love the new Add On works inside Gmail app on Android !!

    Keep up the great work


  • Agreed with both comments above. 

    I often use the gadget to link emails to projects and contacts, it's very useful. The add-on and sidebar can't currently do this

    Please don't kill the gadget until functionality of the add-on is expanded to include what's being lost in the gadget. Thanks!

  • Hello Jim,

    Thanks for your feedback! 

    To provide some background on this due to Google's recent UI change, the Insightly Google sidebar now has limited capabilities.

    These limits are as follow:

    • Save and Link functionality is not supported on View
    • Save and Link functionality is not supported on Compose
    • Hover to display Contact does not work
    • Once locked into viewing a record, there is no way to get back to “hover or Home mode”

    This is affecting other users and other CRM's as well. Insightly is working on an alternate sidebar that will work with Google's new UI change. As a temporary workaround, you can use your Insightly mailbox address to save emails.

    Hope that helps in the meantime. Thanks for your time and patience! 

  • It be would be VERY HELPFUL to have the ability to tag contacts when using the Add-On to import contact records from Gmail into Insightly. That kind of functionality is crucial to the way we are building our Insightly mailing lists. Having it in the Add-On could save us a ton of time.

    Best regards,

    John Aselin

  • Has this been fixed?  I miss my little orange button!  

    Carol Huls


  • I also miss the orange button!

    My workaround (besides forwarding the email to my general Insightly email address): I have been using the sidebar to search for the record to which I will be connecting the email and copying its distinct email address into the Forward To address. 

  • Me too - need the email save button back!


  • Hello Everyone,

    It seems like this is a known issue!

    Please know that our development team is aware of this issue, and they are looking into a resolution. As soon as we have an update for you, I'll be sure to let you know.

    I appreciate your patience in the meantime.

  • My Save Email button comes and goes. At the moment it's gone. Any idea when this will be sorted?

  • I noticed it was back yesterday. YAY! So far so good.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Great news everyone "Save and Add Link" should now be present in your Gmail account!

    If you are still having trouble with this please post your questions and issues to our Troubleshooting & Tips page

    Thanks for everyone's patience and help during this process! 

  • Hi everyone!

    We have released an update to the add-on today. It is no longer in beta and we've added some new functionality to bring it to parity with our old gadget and sidebar.

    You can now:

    Thank you for your feedback, everyone. We hope you enjoy! 

  • Hi,

    The updated add-on is a big improvement, thanks!

    There's one feature I don't see here but perhaps I'm missing it. Now it's easy to save incoming emails to projects but I can't see how to use the add-on to link new emails to projects. It just links to contacts. 

    Is there a way to link (with bcc) to projects in this current build?



  • Hello Jim,

    If you like to save an email directly to a Project you can do this by using a special mailbox listed in those records. This mailbox is specific to each user and each record.

    Here's a helpful article: Saving an email directly to an opportunity, lead, or project 

  • The links in Kourtney's post of August 1 show how using the add-on you can save an email to multiple records in Insightly:

    August 01, 2018 17:49

    Hi everyone!

    We have released an update to the add-on today. It is no longer in beta and we've added some new functionality to bring it to parity with our old gadget and sidebar.

    You can now:

    Thank you for your feedback, everyone. We hope you enjoy! 

  • Thanks Alejandro, I know the project email link is available in the project record. But the old Google sidebar extension had the link right on the project record. So the user could access it in the same window.


    Seems like the email link could be added to the project search results in the new add-on, 

    Thanks for your consideration,  Jim



  • Hello Jim,

    Thanks for providing that information!

    If you Open an Email and click on the option "Save, Link, and More". From this screen, you'll want to select next to "Links" "Add New". Click Save when you are finished. You will see a message confirming the email has been saved.

    Here's a helpful article that explains more: How to save emails with the Insightly Add-on for Gmail

    Hope that helps! 

  • Hi Alejandro,

    I was a big fan of the old 'save' and 'links' function within the gmail. That allowed me to save an email to a link in just two steps. It automatically sugested several items to link to and automatically showed results when you typed into the search field.

    With the new one, I first have to open de add-on, then click 'save, links and more', then 'add new', move my cursor to the search field, the start type something and only after clicking on search (hitting enter doesn't work), it will show me results. 

    This is taking quite a bit longer. Would it be possible to improve this?

    Thx. Wim

  • Hello Wim,

    Insightly is always looking at ways to improve the Insightly experience for our users!

    The best way to communicate your ideas is to post your request to our Ideas & Suggestions page, which is monitored by our Product and Engineering teams.

    Your fellow Insightly users can vote and comment on the idea, too. In general, the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered.

    Thanks for the understanding!

  • Hi all,

    I have built a Zap that allows me to move an email (or star if preferred) into a GmailTaskZap folder and it creates a task, links the task to the Contact that sent it, and works perfectly. Give it a try.

  • Don't know if I'm in the right place for this question, but I'll give it a shot. If there is a more appropriate place to post, please let me know where.

    I use Gmail for composing my emails. Until the gadget was removed on 1 August, I sent my mail to Insightly via the gadget.

    Now, I don't know how to get my gmails to Insightly. I recall that the gadget Bcc'd an insightly address. I pasted the heretofore bcc'd address & it works in getting the mail to Insightly. However, I don't see how to open mail from the Email Icon in Insightly; I see a list of the emails, but no way to open any of them on the list. When I double-click, nothing happens. Thanks for your help. Steve S


  • Hello Stephen,

    Even though the Gadgets are no longer available, you can use our Gmail Add-on or the Sidebar to save emails to Insightly. With our Gmail Add-on, you can do the following:

    • Save and Add links to emails
    • Reply to emails in Gmail using your email templates from Insightly
    • Save emails as Tasks, Leads, Opportunities, Projects, and Events

    We have articles about the Gmail Add-on here: The Insightly Add-on for Gmail (beta), and you can find information about the Sidebar here: Insightly Sidebar overview.

    Please note: The Sidebar isn't compatibility with the new Gmail layout at this time. To use the Sidebar, you'll need to switch back to the Classic Gmail layout. Also, you cannot use the Gmail Add-on and the Sidebar at the same time.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thank you, Alejandro. What if all I want to do is to have emails attached to a contact record in Insightly the way I used to. Can I do this. I use the most recent version of Gmail. I'm not sure if I use the classic view or not.



  • Finally! I took a few to watch your video re the Side Bar for Chrome. What a great addition. Solved my issue and adds so much more. Thanks to the development team for a great addition to Insightly!





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