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Dashboards! Cards! Charts! OH MY!!! 😱

One of the most requested features by the Insightly Community is finally here…

Introducing Dashboards!


This feature was built from the ground up and took over a year to develop. We appreciate everyone’s patience and we are thrilled to finally be delivering dynamically-rendered dashboards to enable you to see your data the way you want. With over 40 different data visualization options and a simple, drag and drop interface, anyone can create a dashboard in seconds.

This short video gives a great overview of how to create a dashboard. To learn even more and get a full breakdown, check out our handy Guide to Insightly Dashboards in our Help Center.


Dashboards are available today across all Insightly CRM plans. Standard dashboards are available on Free and Plus plans, while completely customizable and shareable dashboards are available on Professional and Enterprise plans. In order to access dashboards, be sure to update your account to the latest version of Insightly by navigating to system settings and switching to the New Insightly Experience. Learn how to switch here.

Check out the official announcement on our Product News Blog for more information.


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    This is really useful. Watched the webinar, but didn't catch if you have more options coming for contacts / orgs (& custom fields). On the road map? Thanks

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    Hi ,

    Glad you're excited about the new dashboard feature. We will for sure add more functionalities to this feature down the line. We'd love to get more of our customers using dashboards so we can learn how it's being used and what improvements we need to add later on.

    Also, here are the top Q&A from the webinar.


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