Dashboards! Cards! Charts! OH MY!!! 😱

One of the most requested features by the Insightly Community is finally here…

Introducing Dashboards!


This feature was built from the ground up and took over a year to develop. We appreciate everyone’s patience and we are thrilled to finally be delivering dynamically-rendered dashboards to enable you to see your data the way you want. With over 40 different data visualization options and a simple, drag and drop interface, anyone can create a dashboard in seconds.

This short video gives a great overview of how to create a dashboard. To learn even more and get a full breakdown, check out our handy Guide to Insightly Dashboards in our Help Center.


Dashboards are available today across all Insightly CRM plans. Standard dashboards are available on Free and Plus plans, while completely customizable and shareable dashboards are available on Professional and Enterprise plans. In order to access dashboards, be sure to update your account to the latest version of Insightly by navigating to system settings and switching to the New Insightly Experience. Learn how to switch here.

Check out the official announcement on our Product News Blog for more information.



  • This is really useful. Watched the webinar, but didn't catch if you have more options coming for contacts / orgs (& custom fields). On the road map? Thanks

  • Hi ,

    Glad you're excited about the new dashboard feature. We will for sure add more functionalities to this feature down the line. We'd love to get more of our customers using dashboards so we can learn how it's being used and what improvements we need to add later on.

    Also, here are the top Q&A from the webinar.


  • Wow, what a great idea, just such a shame they are totally useless for any multinational company. 

    Any company that has sales people in different countries creating opportunities in different currencies will find that dashboards will be of no use. You see, whilst dashboard take all the revenue into account, it lists it all in the default currency of your user ID. So if my default currency is USD but I have one colleague in Thailand using Thai Baht who has an opportunity for THB 1,000,000 (USD 32,000) and a colleague in Indonesia with an opportunity for IDR 440,000,000 (USD 32,000) my dashboard will show each opportunity as USD 1,000,000 when actually each opportunity is only valued at USD 32,000 

    So like I said, great idea, but so poorly implemented that for any company with opportunities in difference currencies, totally useless.



  • Hello Kevin,

    This is correct currency is based on the user's settings this is why if another user has a different setting for there currency it will not reflect in your instance. I understand how this can be helpful I recommend if you have the time to post your idea to our Ideas & Suggestions page, which is monitored by our Product and Engineering teams. Your fellow Insightly users can vote and comment on the idea, too. In general, the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

    Thanks for your feedback and understanding! 

  • Thanks for your response Alejandro, I have posted this to ideas and suggestions, but not sure that is the right topic, as far as I can see the other users data is still flowing into my dashboards, just with the incorrect values, so I would say that this is fundamentally a design flaw rather than a suggestion for functionality request. The team have released a half baked product, whilst the idea is great, and I love the idea of having this, the data is completely wrong and gives a completely wrong impression from reality. Dashboards are actively being pushed as a ew feature, but I don't believe they are ready for customers as they are. 

    There have been some suggested work arounds to use custom fields and make everyone use one currency in opportunities, this is really not practical with a few hundred opportunities that would need to be manipulated. 

    I hope that this design flaw can be looked into and fixed soon.

  • Thanks for the additional feedback on this feature and being part of our Community Kevin! 

  • Thanks for your feedback, Kevin. Since the launch, we have rolled out improvements to Dashboards and as we learn more about how our customers are using this feature via use cases and feedback, we will continue to improve it. 

  • Multicurrency for opportunity / Project will be a great feature! 

    I would say Drop down in currency and then add by currency

    Adding apples and oranges does not add value! 




  • We also got problems with multi currency opportunities. We are one of the very first customers batch of Insight.ly and I love it.

    But my god, it sums all kind of currencies into the dashboard and make me feel so rich :D (until I realize 1 USD = 23,000 Vietnamese Dong or ~ 110 Japanese Yen and so on)

    We make a custom field to convert all currencies manually into USD, which is good, but it could not config to use that field for the sum-up.

    I am thinking of reversed way now, using custom field for the real value, and the Opp value is the USD converted one. However, it might be cumbersome with past  data :(((

    Please advise needed or suggestion

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