Bulk Edit improvements in latest release!

Bulk edit functionality is now available across every record type so you can update your CRM faster than ever before! Create a list of leads, contacts, organizations and more and bulk select them all to perform a variety of actions!



  • I am trying to bulk delete but the tick boxes either arent staying ticked or if one does tick as soon as i go to the next box it unticks the previous one. 

  • Hello Alex,

    Are you experiencing this issue when you bulk select all Records and then try navigating to a different page? Or does the issue occur on the same page? 



  • Hello,


    I still do not see how we can bulk edit Opportunities Stages and Pipelines States ? 


    Also does this new release allow for bulk deleting files ?

  • I would also be interested in information re: bulk editing Opportunities Stages and Pipelines States. Thanks!

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