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I need to track mailers that I send to a list of clients. What I want to do is 1) do a search for clients based on custom fields I define 2) take the results of that list and update each contact's profile with the fact that I sent a mailer to them on a specific date. Background...I send a lot of direct mail postcards and magazines after trade shows and am looking for a CRM solution that will let me track when I send them. It's usually many at a time so trying to avoid doing it one by one (I can't figure out how to do it one by one either). 



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  • Hello,

    This is something you can definitely do in your Insightly Account. If you don't mind I'll highlight the steps below:

    • You'll need to create a Contact Report to view clients based on custom fields. 
      Make sure to drag over "Contact ID" as a column into your report to help with updating your records. 
    • Once you have the results you need in your report you can then move forward with exporting your report
      Make sure to have a Custom Field for when updating contacts with whom you've sent a mailer to. 
    • Then you can use bulk updating to update your Contact records with the newly added custom field. 

    Hope that helps!

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