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I am a new Insightly user. I have specific brands that I entered under the Opportunities category dropdown so at simple glance on my pipeline(s) I could see all opportunities by brand --- this is most important for many facets of our business. I also enabled categories in my System Settings to show for Opportunities.

When I convert the lead, I am able to select from the Category dropdown that I customized. However, once I save, it disappears, and more importantly, I does not show on the Opportunities window. Filter does not track it either. However, IF I enter the opportunity without converting the lead, it works and the colored brand label shows in the Opportunity window. 

Problem is this defeats the purpose of converting the lead. Why doesn't it populate when I convert the lead and save? Please help.






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  • Hello Dennise,

    I apologize that you experiencing this issue. 

    I'll proceed to create a ticket for this issue to help with better troubleshooting. Please keep an eye out for my email.

    Thanks for your patience. 

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