Tag limit in Insighlty.

Hi Insightly team!

Our company have been using Insightly for a while now. And we came across one big problem, too many tags. We got a sales team and each key account manager is Client Manager in Insightly. 

The problem is that time to time each manager creates his own tag (often by mistake) .and now we got more than 150 tags. So person who is responsible for insightly (me) needs to correct 70 pages of organizations and contacts.

Question.  Is there option to limit tag list? For example to have only 50 tags and person(client manager)  needs to choose from that 50 and can't add a new one. Or limit Client Manager so only Admin can add tags.

Thank you in advance!




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  • Hi Vladimir,

    At this time there is not an option to limit tags for specific users, however, it sounds like this would be a good suggestion to post on our Ideas & Suggestions page.

    Since you have a number of tags to delete, check out our article on Quick filtering and updating tags. This may reduce the amount of time you spend deleting tags. 

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