Organisation Update Put Request is clearing out contact information

Hi I am trying to update an organisation with new information that gets put into 3 custom fields.

My Put request is as follows.

"ORGANISATION_NAME":"Jack's New Businsess",
"FIELD_VALUE":"Individual Membership"

which I send to the endpoint

specified here!/Organisations/UpdateOrganisation 

This works fine but it clears out any existing contact information like websites phone number etc. Is there a patch method that I can use instead of put?

I know there is this!/Organisations/UpdateCustomField

But it only allows me to change 1 custom field right? I have tried adding more in an array but it errors. Why can't I change more than one? I don't want to do 3 seperate put requests.




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  • Hi Jack,

    The Update API requires the data value of the full object graph.  If you don't include certain information, the API thinks you want to remove it.




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