Task Link to Customer lost in latest iOS upgrade. Web is still okay.


After the most recent update of the iOS insightly App (version 3.22.0 (15)), I noticed that the links to contacts has vanished for all of the tasks that I have (my iPad and iPhone both have same problem).  As I don't currently use any other links in my tasks, I don't know if other links are lost as well.

I took a look at the Web version and see that the links are still there. Hopefully the app can be quickly updated, as I never use the Web version any more.

Best Regards,

Edward Caulfield



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  • Hi Edward,

    Links to contacts are still an option with the latest IOS upgrade. 

    You can view this on our mobile app by Task> links> contacts.  If you're in contacts> links.  

    Heres some additional information on basic troubleshooting for mobile apps.

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