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I would like more columns of a leads details in the view. This would allow me to sort based on the information as well. Company information or business would be ideal. Any idea how to do this?



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  • Hello Michelle,

    In our New Insightly Experience, you have the ability to create a List View to help sort and filter your records. When creating a List View you'll have the option to select columns to you'll like to add to your view. Here's the process:

    1. Click the gear icon and select Add New List View.
    2. Fill in the New View Name and select your Sharing Settings.

    Choose Columns:

    1. Click on the gear icon and select Choose Columns.
    2. In List View Columns, you can add more items to your Visible Columns. Search through the list of Available Columns and click on the one you want to add. Then click on the right arrow to add it.
    3. To remove columns, find the one you want to remove in Visible Columns and click on it. Then click the left arrow to remove it. It can be added back later if needed.

    Hope that helps! 

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