Updating Tags or Adding Tags to Duplicates

Hi there,

I think I'm in a bit of a unique situation, but I'm hoping someone else has encountered this and can provide some suggestions!

I use Insightly primarily as a contact management software (not so much customer relationship — just as an organized database of contact info).

I use Contact Tags to identify associations that are important to us when determining how and when to reach out to certain contacts.

These tags are routinely updated throughout the year.

Here's the issue: some contacts have multiple tags and we don't update/rename/delete all of our tags at the same time.

So, what happens is, I'll import a list of contacts with a new/updated tag, but Insightly will not import them. It returns them all as duplicate records.

I'm wondering if there's a way to view these duplicates after import through the Insightly platform and then manually bulk edit to add the updated tag without affecting the other tags that the contacts have.

I really hope this makes sense. To help clarify, here's an example:

  • Three industries that are important to us are Economic Development, Business Executives and Environmentalists
  • Some contacts have one of these tags, while others have multiple
  • Let's say "John Smith" has tags for Economic Development and Environmentalists in 2017.
  • In 2018, we add a new industry/tag: Elected Officials. When we get the list of Elected Officials, John Smith is on that list as well. When we import this list with the Tag "Elected Officials" only entirely new contacts are imported. All existing contacts — including John Smith — are not imported because Insightly thinks they are duplicates (instead of simply adding the new tag to the existing contact).

Ideally, there would be a way to just add this new tag to existing contacts that Insightly has identified as a duplicate. Not sure if there is a way, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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  • Hello,

    It seems like you are looking to use our feature updating multiple records with bulk editing, which will allow you to update multiple items at once, provided you have permissions to access and edit them.

    Also, when wanting to do an update to existing records in your Insightly Account you'll need to pull the Record ID number first. The reason for this is because we currently make updates to existing records based on Record ID number. With that in mind, to update your records, we recommend:

    1. First, Export the records you'd like to update
    2. Edit the file to change the records
    3. Import the file and choose the "update records" option

    Some other tips about this process:

    • Add New Records will still use duplicate checks when importing.
    • Update Existing Records will ONLY find a match by record ID and update the matching record
    • Add New Records and Update Existing Records will do both
    • There is no undo button, so we recommend testing a small subset first. But you could always update your import file and try to update again. :)

    I hope that helps!

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