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Hi Team,


I've sat on the fence for a long time about buying into Insightly. There is so much I love about it, but a few key frustrations. So much so that I bought into Prosperworks, which I have to admit isn't really working for me either....


A headline for me (and I'd be interested to hear how paid up users get on) - is in the area of the Calendar.


Within the web app, the Calendar looks pretty but basic. Compared to modern offerings from the like of Google it seems a bit simplistic. I want to be able to easily drag an event around, duplicate it and so on.

I also need to be able to see all my calendars in one place. This is natural for calendars, as when scheduling things I need to know what else is going on in my life!

I appreciate that I can sync events to Google, but in the free version this is understandably restrictive (view only within Google), and it appears to have unreasonable barriers in the paid up two-way sync.

I don't like the idea of being able to see all my calendars in iCal or Google, but having to jump to Insightly every time I want to add/edit an entry. This feels like too much effort and error prone.

If I could see all my calendars (categorised as they are) from iCal or Google within the Insightly Calendar interface, that'd be a step closer - as then I can at least see what else is going on, and add in any work commitments....




  • Hello again,


    Further to my previous email, I've had more of a play.

    For my money, I need more granularity to the Insightly calendar. Being a freelancer, I often get penciled for a job before it's confirmed. To be able to categorise - and colour code these jobs is essential for me.

    I've found that on the App I can "bring in" all my calendars on my iPhone. Great. This is perfect - just what I want, I can see what else is going on and then add jobs into the calendar with Insightly.

    However, there is no colour coding of which calendar things have come from, which I miss immensely. Even being able to see what are "Insightly" events as compared to "other" events would be helpful.

    And I note that the dates are presented in American format, and being as I'm based in the UK this doesn't really work for me.

    If I can see these additional calendars on my iPhone, why can't I do the same thing on my web app (for when I'm working at my desktop?) - or perhaps I'm missing how to do this?


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  • Me again!

    Yet more playing having gone on...


    I'm finding that the events I create are syncing into my iCal, but often have an end date that is one day later than the event has in Insightly.


    So, for example, I might have an event that starts at 1000 on the 4th March and ends at 2000 on the 4th March in Insightly. In iCal this shows up as starting on the 4th and finishing on the 5th..

    Anyone else had this? It's obviously pretty useless from a scheduling point-of-view!


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  • Hey Richard,

    Thank you for the suggestions regarding our calendar system. We are always looking for feedback in regards to making our system better.

    Regarding the dates being different when the calendar syncs, as this would constitute a bug I am going to create a ticket for you and reach out there in order to resolve this.

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