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Activity Sets - Merge information

Hi all,

This might already be possible, just I haven't worked out how!

I've just created an activity set that essentially generates a Task telling me to Invoice a particular project when I move the Pipeline stage of that project to "Complete - Needs Invoicing"

It'd be great to be able to mail-merge the project name into the task description that is automatically generated.

Currently the Task just has a title of "Invoice" - it'd obviously be neater/clearer if it said "Invoice - Project A"

Many thanks,




  • Hey Richard,

    Currently this is not a feature in Insightly but is a great idea! I can definitely see the value and the more posts this gets the higher priority it takes. Keepem coming! 

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  • I would love to see this also. We end up with tons of tasks all labelled the same which is super confusing.

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