How do I re-email a lead

hi, I'm fairly new to Insightly

A couple of weeks ago I emailed some contacts

I can see some of the recipients have opened my emails, some have not - my question is, how do I re-email them to follow up - when I go to Actions I can see "reply to this email" but I don't want to reply to myself (obvs) but the content of the first email is not there

I want to do this from inside Insightly not have to go over to Gmail and email from there

PS is there some way to be notified when someone replies or opens my emails?




  • Hey Stuart,

    Currently there is no way to re-email a client. You would need to write a new email to them. Regarding email notification, we do not currently have a system designed to notify you when an email has been read. Currently, our integration with Mailchimp is used by most clients seeking more robust email features, as they are an email marketing tool. 

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  • thanks Alex

    I'm pretty new to Insightly so appreciate your speedy response - are there any plans re email notifications - I'd like to keep all my marketing interactions in one place (i.e. not bounce between Insightly and Mailchimp or Gmail)?

    If not what is the best way to manage email interactions - do you have a step by step guide?

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  • Hello Stuart,

    Thanks for the response!

    I suggest taking a look at our article "managing email marketing campaigns" since Insightly is no an email marketing platform. There are a few different options that the article goes over to manage marketing campaigns from Insightly. 

    Hope that helps! 

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