Create a relation between Contact and primary Organisation

I really like the Insightly reporting tools in combination with its linking features. It help us get good insights from the data in our CRM.

This is why I'm so confused about the absence of the most obvious link of all, the one between a Contact and it's primary Organisations. There is no way for us to list all Contacts related to a list of primary Organisations. That forces us to double tag both Organisations and Contacts with the same tags, which always end up i mess and error.

Let's say I want to email all clients in Stockholm. There is no way to filter all Organisations in Stockholm and then find all related Contacts. It's not even possible in the reporting tool. We have 1303 Contacts, but when we create a Contact Linked Item Report with no filter, it only shows 680 Contacts.

Am I missing something. Thank you in advance. 



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  • Hey Jon,

    As long as you have all of the Organization information such as billing city you could run an Organization linked item's report and filter by billing address and include the Contact column. 

    Please note that this report will only pull Contacts created via manual linking, not automatic links created by Primary Organization. This would explain why the report shows less contacts than you have. 

    If this does not resolve it, as you have a paid account, please message support at

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