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Organisations as Leads

We work solely as a B2B company, so our leads are actually organisations, not individuals.  We have linked contacts for the person we talk to, but ultimately we would like to track the lead process with the organisation and then be able to convert that lead to an organisation.



  • Hey Nathan,

    This is a great suggestion! As such, I will be moving this into our ideas and suggestions queue so people can vote on it. The more votes an idea gets, the more traction it receives. 

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  • Respectfully disagree. One of the reason I selected Insightly is the fact that you do an excellent job of separating Contact from Organization. So many other CRMs just do everything by Org. This is HUGE differentiation for Insightly!

    When it comes to Leads and Opportunities with large organizations one may have several deals in progress with different individuals within an organization. 

    From the Organization view we now can see multiple linked Opportunities (though not Leads. Given volume of Leads I'm very happy these do not create Orgs until they become Opps.)

    (Also for the OP Nathan, when you convert a Lead to an Opportunity it will create both the contact and Org for you now. Perhaps a viable work around for you would when creating the Lead to use the Org name in the Contact fields.)

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