Arranging contact by date? So forwarding contacts down to later dates

 This might seem straightforward, but I'd like to not worry too much about 'tasks' instead of having a contact that I add, they want to contact them in a months time, so assign a date. 

Otherwise, it's just a massive list of contacts. 

If I want to contact someone in a month I'd like to be able to assign a date and have it go down the bottom of the list for example. 

then the people I want to follow up, have them at a more recent date at the top. 

Is this possible?



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  • Hello Carradean,

    At the moment this feature is not available in Insightly. What I like to do is move your post to our Ideas & Suggestions page where your fellow Insightly users can vote and comment on the idea. In general, the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation. 

    Thanks for your post and understanding! 

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