OP / Activity issue

when I try to create a new activity, most of the times I get an error message that goes like "a problem occurred, please try again".. 
in those rare cases it succeeds, the created activity doesn't connect to the related op.

even if I create the activity directly from the op, the result is the same. Anyways, inside the activity details, the op is related but doesn't appear in the activity page, near the activity name.

in chrome, the list of op is empity, in edge the list of op appears correct.

I use either Chrome and Edge. Cancelled the chronicle, cleaned the cookies.

I started facing this today morning 11am GMT +1



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  • Hi Marco,

    I'll be reaching out to you directly so that we can gather some additional information and find out what the issue is.  Please be on the lookout for my email. 

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