Filing emails whilst out and about

Hi gang,

I often find I’m out and about with my iPhone for company and an important email comes in relating to a project. I want to file it with the associated project in insightly but can’t see an easy and efficient way to do this.

How do other users handle this situation?

It seems extremely long winded to go into insightly, find the unique project email address and then go to the email and forward the relevant message...




  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    At this time the only way to link an email to a specific project is by using the link email address.

    Here's more info on Saving an email directly to an opportunity, lead, or project.

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  • Thanks for the response.

    This is pretty limiting isn’t it?

    Especially as I can’t actually find the project email address within the app!


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  • Hi there:

    We actually have an Ideas & Suggestions page where you can add your thoughts on features you'd like to see improved or added to Insightly. This is the primary area our team looks at when deciding what ideas from our users to consider next. You should share your idea there so that other users can vote and comment too!

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