Unable to add description to the event i created using Insightly API ?

Hi there, 

I am working with Insightly API and wish to create an Event under a contact. 

I was able to create an event and link it with a contact but I am unable to add a description. Please help me with how can I proceed with the same. 

Thank you 





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    Hi Prabhat,

    You should use DETAILS field to update Event Description.

    Here is a sample request body :

    "EVENT_ID": 2991325,
    "TITLE": "Event Title",
    "LOCATION": "A Location",
    "DETAILS": "A New Description",
    "START_DATE_UTC": "2019-04-04 17:15:16",
    "END_DATE_UTC": "2019-05-04 17:15:16"

    For more information you can visit our help page : https://api.insight.ly/v2.2/Help#!/Events/UpdateEvent

    Please let me know if any additional help is needed.





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