Support merging Contacts with System Users

In many ways a system user appears to be a contact, but in some ways it's not - this distinction is not very clear. 

We need the possibility to merge contacts with system users. Can you implement?



  • I agree -- this is something that is confusing our users. I tried deleting the contact and keeping the system user but then the system user doesn't appear in the contact list following search. I would love to have a way to merge these records so that there is one record AND it appears in search.

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  • Hello Dag and Amy,

    When an Insightly administrator adds a new user, an Insightly contact is created for that user. When we look at one of these contacts, there's a red icon with a "SYSTEM USER" label above their name.


    Here's a helpful article in regards to this: Why are users listed as contacts? 

    Thank you for the great feedback and for the feature request in regards to merging these two items. 

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  • How do you merge the two contacts? The "System User" and the "Contact" so that there aren't any duplicates.

    Using the "SmartMerge" doesn't work, and merging into the other doesn't work either.

    Please help

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  • Hello Diana,

    The System User Contact cannot be merged to any record. I wouldn't suggest editing the System User contact you can read more on "Why are users listed as contacts?"

    Thanks for the understanding!

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