We've redesigned System Settings. Check it out! ⚙️

We've updated the System Settings page in the New Insightly Experience for a cleaner, more powerful interface for Insightly admins!


It is now organized into logical parent categories, such as Security, Objects and Fields, and User Interface, with child categories appearing under each one.

Settings functions are now searchable, so admins don’t have to scan the page to find what they’re looking for.

The redesign isn’t just skin-deep, either. We’ve also introduced sortable list views to all settings layouts that involve lists of records such as Users, Workflow Processes, and Lambda Functions. The result is not only a cleaner UI, but a more functional one, allowing admins to quickly sort lists and focus on what’s important.

The new System Settings is available on all plans in the New Insightly Experience.

Note: If you are using Insightly Classic and switch to the new Insightly Experience, there is no option to switch back.

Check out the official announcement on our Product News Blog for more information.



  • Note: If you are using Insightly Classic and switch to the new Insightly Experience, there is no option to switch back.


    Too bad that  warning/ notice was not included in System Settings.  Thanks Insightly - not!

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  • Inline Editing quit.  In some of the setups the work area is below several blank pages.  Found them by accident.  Not very impressed so far. 

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  • Hello Ellis,

    I see you are working with a fellow colleague on this issue through a ticket that was created. If you have further issues regarding this topic please respond back via the ticket that was created.

    Thanks for your time! 

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  • How can I revert back to the old insightly. 

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  • Hello Carol,

    We understand that some of our clients may wish to revert back to Insightly Classic for aesthetic reasons. However, as a company, we are focusing our efforts on utilizing the New Insightly Experience. The reasons are as follows:

    1. All engineering efforts including issue response and resolution will be prioritized for the New Insightly Experience.

    2. All new features including Dashboards, Page Layouts, and Custom Required Fields will only be available on the New Insightly Experience.

    3. As we will no longer be supporting the old version, you may experience differences in data and functionality when on Insightly Classic.


    We understand that this is a big change and are happy to answer any questions related to the New Insightly Experience and our decision.

    If you still wish to change back, please let me know and I can help share more information regarding this process. 


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