Recent activity shows things i have never done

Hi guys,

I am new to Insightly and only started using it yesterday to see if it's suitable for our organisation. 

However, logging in today I can see a load of 'recent activity' which I haven't done. Also, when I created my account, it showed I had x number of contacts and tasks and organisations, none of which was true, I had to delete all, at first I thought they were created by default by Insightly to prompt new users to look around and see what's possible. I am not sure anymore.


Any thoughts and advice will be appreciated.






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  • Hello Gergana,

    I apologize for the confusion!

    Insightly does include sample records and settings on every new account. These are provided to help you to explore Insightly's records and features. 

    Sample records can be identified by their "sample_data" tags.

    Deleting the sample records in Insightly is an easy process. Our article How to delete Insightly's sample data explains how you can remove all the records. 

    Hope that helps!

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