Cannot upgrade Insightly add in for Office 365

We currently have Insightly 1.2 add-in installed in Office 365. When we attempt to upgrade to v2.0 we get an error: Something went wrong - This app has already been installed by your organisation's administrator. Microsoft Office 365 support has directed me to Insightly support for assistance.



  • Hello David,

    That sounds frustrating let's see if I can help provide a solution! 

    Let's try uninstalling and reinstalling the Insightly Sidebar:

    To uninstall:

    1. Log in to your Outlook account.
    2. Click the settings icon and select Manage add-ins.
    3. Click My add-ins to view your current apps.
    4. Click Uninstall to remove the Insightly Sidebar from Outlook.

    To install:

    1. Log in to Outlook.
    2. Click the gear icon in the upper right and select Manage Add-ins.
    3. Search for "Insightly" in the Add-Ins search bar.
    4. Click the Off/On switch next to turn on the Insightly add-in.
    5. Click Close to return to Outlook.

    Hope that helps. If it doesn't please let me know! 



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  • The problem is that the version installed in the Office 365 admin console is 2.0.0

    But in my Office 365 Mail Settings it is version 1.2


    And I cannot remove it if the status is Disabled in the admin console or if I completely delete the add-in in the admin console. Also when I attempt to delete the add-in I get an error although the add-in disappears.

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  • Now when I attempt to use Insightly I get an error:



    Once I click start, I am directed to update to 2.0.0


    But then it fails advising that 2.0.0 is already installed


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  • Hello David,

    Thanks for providing that helpful information!

    After reviewing the information you provided it seems like you'll need to reach out to your IT Department/Microsoft regarding your settings on why your Office 365 Mail Settings are not updating properly.  When we released the Outlook Sidebar back in 2017 Microsoft was responsible for pushing the update to its users. 

    Thanks for your time and understanding! 

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