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Good afternoon Insightly Community and team,


I did a smart merge of orgs for the company and I'm having some issues. Before the smart merge I had roughly 2,000 or so orgs in the CRM. After the smart merge its around 1800 or so. When i went to find a company i frequently work with it was gone; nothing matching the company. 

I went to look under the contacts for employees i worked with for the missing company and it showed them attachéd to an entirely different company. (The new company not even close to same name, industry, area code nothing). 


Is there a way to undo the smartmerge? Or unlink companies post smartmerge?

also, moving forward is there a practice area or test mode when making changes moving forward so this wont happen again?



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  • Hello Laura,

    The Records you are looking to locate can possibly be found in Insightly's Recycle Bin. You can access the Recycle Bin by going to the right side of each record type, (i.e. Contacts, Organizations) and then you will see a Green link labeled "Recycle Bin."

    To restore items, select the Recycle Bin link > click the box next to the item you'd like to restore > Restore Items

    Moving forward I recommend using Insightly's feature of running a SmartMerge report to find similar records. A SmartMerge report will display all contacts, leads, or organizations with similar-sounding names, allowing you to merge exact duplicates as well as closely matching organizations.

    Hope that helps! 


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