Erroneous scaling/clipping of Sales Pipeline Weighted Card


In our Insightly dashboard, the chart for Sales Pipeline weighted does not scale the horizontal axis properly, so most of the chart is not visible (see below). In table mode the numbers show up coreeclty. What can I do about this?

Regards, Jac



  • Hello Jac,

    Thanks for sharing this! 

    Keep an eye out for an email from me as I will create a ticket for us to help better communicate. 

    Thanks for your patience! 

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  • Hi Insightly Team,


    I have the same problem. How can I fix it?



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  • Hello Louis,

    Thanks for reaching out on this subject. 

    In regards to this, we found that there's no issue here. Our standard cards are set to certain defaults. The Sales Pipeline Weighted card has a maximum value of $350,000 on the X-axis. You can create custom cards on our Professional or Enterprise plan. Our article What are Dashboards? explains more about what's available to do. 

    If you're interested in testing out our Professional plan, we can work with an account representative to set-up a demo.

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  • Hi Alejandro A

    I just had a quick questions about this Dashboard Card. I am not sure if I am totally understanding what this card does..

    I have two opportunities with probability of 100% and only those two will appear on this card, correct? Anything less than that will not be calculated in the Total at the bottom.

    However, changing the stage and revenue does nothing except move the solid horizontal bar to the next stage. I see no gradual changes. I also can only see one opportunity of the two with 100%. If I edit one to be less than 100% then the other one pops up.

    I hope that all makes sense! Looking forward to your response

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