New contacts information are not reflecting in google contact


Insightly is supposed to synchronize with Google Contact which I use on my mobile devices both in my iOS and android phones. Some of the new contacts I entered, the information in Insightly is not reflected in Google contact, missing telephone numbers, addresses, etc. 

As initial check, user and system settings for google contact sync were enabled.

Please advise what to do?  thanks





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  • Hello Leah,

    At this time the feature is meant to work Web (Insightly) to Web (Google Contacts). The reason for this Insightly's browser-based application had quite a head-start on our iOS and Android apps, so you won't find all of the features of the website on your phone or tablet. Our mobile team is working hard to change that, and you'll see new features added regularly. 

    If you like to see a more integrated version of this feature I suggest you post your request on our Ideas & Suggestions page. In general, the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

    Thanks for your understanding and time! 

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