Add Mail Domain

Kindly Advise, What is the benefit from Add Mail Domain Field? 



  • Hi Ahmad,

    Is this with regards to setting up e-mail? If so, the advantage is:

    Email Accounts

    Connect your email accounts to send email messages from within Insightly and automatically save copies to Insightly's Emails tab. You will also be able to receive replies directly in your email account inbox. You can add as many accounts as you would like, and you will be able to choose a "From" address from your list of accounts when sending emails. To start adding a new account, click the Add Account button.

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  • I would add that the email domain is good to connect incoming emails to organisations. That way if you send an email to a person with that same domain they will be automatically connected to the organisation. This is very useful if an organisation has multiple domains associated with them e.g. and The first time you email somebody and bcc or copy your insightly email address, it will create an organisation in Insightly for that email domain. You can then add further email domains which will also associate with the same company.

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