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When syncing a 365 calendar, will all calendar events from 365 show up in Insightly and vice versa? We want to use the Insightly calendar feature similarly to how we use to office add-in, where we can link calendar events to specific opportunities/leads and pick and choose which events to link. 

Is this possible? 

Additionally, I'm having trouble syncing my calendar due to not being able to find the server ID



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  • Hello Emily,

    Calendar sync is a feature of our paid plans which allows you to sync calendar items between Insightly and Microsoft Exchange calendars (including many Outlook installations). Events added or edited in one calendar will be instantly updated in the other.

    This article does a great job of explaining more and the process: Syncing Insightly with Google or Microsoft Exchange calendars 

    The URL is typically in this format: “https://ews/exchange.asmx”. Office 365 customers can try this server address: “”. You can enter the URL into your browser’s address bar to test if it is valid.

    VPN, firewall, or other security restrictions may block Insightly from connecting to your server.

    Hope that helps!

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