Email integration issues

Hi there,

I just setup my email account with Insightly. As part of the process, it required me to enter my password to connect to the site to verify my credentials. After I did this everything looked to be setup. I then went on to send a test message and when I checked the mail in the customer activity record, the following error was listed:

Error: This email was not sent due to problems communicating with your email provider. Error was "No credentials have been supplied for login.".

When I check the email accounts in settings, it shows my account as properly setup and verified.

What am I missing here?

Also, no that he original email in Insightly was not sent due to the failure, can I resent the same message or do I need to create a new message and send it again?

Thanks in advance.



  • Hello John,

    Sorry to hear you're running into an issue when sending emails from Insightly.

    With our SMTP setup, we send your emails to your email provider only. If accepted, your email server will be the one that actually delivers the messages to your recipients. If we receive any error message from your server that they could not accept the message, we will display the error message/reason directly on that email in your Emails tab and flag it so you know.

    If your email fails to send on the initial attempt, Insightly makes multiple attempts to resend it. Most often, the email will eventually be sent. But sometimes, your email provider won’t send the email, in which case you’ll need to resend that email to that recipient.

    For more information on a flagged email or an issue with delivery to your recipient, I would reach out to your server to see why the email may not have gone through.

    Once you have reached out to your email provider let me know if they were able to provide some helpful information. 

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  • Hi Alejandro,

    I have met the exactly same situation with John. I want to ask if you guys have worked this out?

    Thank you!


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  • Hello Tia,

    I see you are a paid user. Are you able to submit a ticket to us with details on how you are experiencing this issue? This will help us better support you on this in a more private setting. Here are the steps on how to submit a ticket:

    1. Click Contact Us and enter the subject and description of the issue. You may also attach files to your request

    2. After submitting your request, you'll receive an automated email confirmation with your ticket number. The Insightly Customer Care team will research your issue and follow up with you via email
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