My employee's calendar events aren't visible

I run a small electrical construction company and I have one employee. I'm an administrator on our insightly account and I've given my employee visibility to everything except for my opportunities and contacts.

I'm attempting to create public events in the calendar to coordinate our schedule together on construction projects but none of them are showing up in his calendar on his mobile app. Also after looking into his app I've found that all of the contacts are visible. 

Please help! I can't use this program unless this issue is fixed.



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  • Hello Corey,

    Can you verify that your employee/Insightly user has configured the calendar within the Insightly mobile app to include "Other users calendars?" I provide a screenshot below and steps to help identify this:

    1. Click on "Calendar" tab

    2. Select the "three" little dots in the top right corner

    3. Select "Configure" 

    4. You'll see an option to select other users calendars

      Hope that helps! 
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