Can the system be customised to allow us to key in all this?


We are a business centre with various buildings, can you help and advise if we can customise Insightly to do all this - see below:


We need to check that we can add all the various stands associated with the centre as well as all the good features it has on contacts etc



Details of security system for tenants, numbers to call if alarm goes off.

Rates details.

Notification of rates and water companies and if applicable power companies when tenant takes occupation,

All the reference numbers associated with the unit i.e. rates, meter reference number for any outside supplier i.e. electricity.

Or ref number of our meter. Drainage ref number

Meter readings for power supplied by us date / reading and who took reading i.e. Seb or tenant. Location of meter, date meter installed (important as newer meres need to comply with new calibration)

Size of unit attached to this section with approx. note of what the quarterly charge should be for a unit of this size.

Dilapidations? Date unit last carpeted / painted

Keys fobs issued who to how many.

Details if tenant authorises us top sign for mail/ parcels.

Does tenant authorise any named person to have access to unit if keys lost.

List of any items loaned to tenant i.e. furniture, or heaters.

Details of any alterations permissions authorised by us, this may include a plan.

Details on parking permits, number type etc.

Boilers – location of boiler serving any particular office, important when dealing with a call out I got a huge bill the other day for wasted time for boiler engineer going to wrong office .

Rent review dates.

Confirmation that tenant was issued with rules regulations and fire risk assessment and any subsequent amendments by us.

Unit number, location of office correct address post code, floor, Size of unit.


Thank you

Louise Wightman



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