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I am trying to import/update contacts to Insightly. When I import the contact list, I am using the function for Insightly to search for old contacts and update their email/ add a tag to them if a contact is already created. However, Insightly only imports the new contacts and doesn't update the existing contacts with tag. It does send me a list of existing contact after that I end up having to manually update/add tag to. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there another way to update existing contacts without doing it manually?

Thank you for your help!!! Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.




  • Hello Kitchie,

    Let's see if I can help with this!

    We currently make updates to existing records based on Record ID number. With that in mind, to update your records, we recommend:

    1. First, Export the records you'd like to update
    2. Edit the file to change the records
    3. Import the file and choose the "update records" option

    Some other tips about this process:

    • Add New Records will still use duplicate checks when importing.
    • Update Existing Records will ONLY find a match by record ID and update the matching record
    • Add New Records and Update Existing Records will do both
    • There is no undo button, so we recommend testing a small subset first. But you could always update your import file and try to update again. :)

    I hope that helps!

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  • Hi Alejandro! 


    Thank you so much for your help. Just to be clear, there is no way to update existing records without the Record ID? So the only way is to export the records to get the ID then import with the changes? 


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  • Hello Kitchie,

    That is correct! 

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