Data disappearing?

Although I can see items in "Recent Activity" on the home page, nothing is showing up under Opportunities, Organizations, or Contacts.  Tasks is the only one that has data.  I'm not a new user, and I didn't inadvertently delete all of them.



  • The same thing has happened to us. The data appears to be there (we can search for it and view it just fine), but we cannot view any data in Contacts, Organizations, Leads, Opportunities, Projects, Emails, and Calendars. Our reports are inaccessible, even the default ones created by Insightly.

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  • Just to confirm you are not alone. I have reported this on 2 other strings and have been waiting 13 hours for a fix or at least a response.

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  • We also are having this issue, severly hampering our business.  Would love some response.

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Alejandro here!

    Thanks so much for your patience as we worked through this issue. Everything should be resolved now.

    Can everyone do a hard refresh on your browser and confirm that everything is working now? 

    Thanks for your time and understanding as we worked on resolving this! 

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