I am replacing one user with another for insightly access. Don't see where or how I achieve this. I deleted the one user but the message says I am maxed out....which I am not not. Ideas?



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  • Hello Garthm,

    For ease of transferring the data from the old user to a new user, I would suggest adding a new user and upgrading your subscription temporarily.

    You can add a new user from the System Settings > Users page. Just click the profile icon on the top right to access the settings page. The following article includes more details and screenshots of the process: Adding a New User.

    You will be charged for adding a new user.

    Once the new user has accepted the invitation, go back to your user's page to delete a user. When you delete a user, a screen will pop up and prompt you to transfer any open items to another active user. Closed items will still appear under the deleted user and saved as historical data. That way no information is lost.


    Hope that helps! 

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