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I am trying to generate a report of my contacts.  Problem is that when we imported the organizations into Insightly, each organization and their contacts defaulted to Record owner of the administrator who completed the import.  

We now have updated the organization owner records to the appropriate team member, but the contacts record owners have not been changed.

So, is there anyway to generate a report of my specific contacts if I am not set as the record owner, even though I am the organization owner?



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  • Hi Jacquelyn, 

    I am sorry that you have had this import issue. There are a few different ways to solve it and they depend greatly on your  Insightly permissions settings. 

    1. First try running an Organization Linked Items Report. Filter to just show link type "Contact). You will also want to include the Contact ID for the linked contact. If it is showing you all of the linked contacts, you can export this and then reimport the updated contacts using the Contact ID and the new owner. 

    2. If you can not see the linked contacts in the above report, consider changing your role to administrator and then performing the above functions. 

    3. The simplest option may be to delete all of the imports and do them again while including the user's email address as the owner of the records. 

    If you need more help, feel free to reach out. 


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