Tracking changes to records

It would be helpful, if there was an ongoing record of changes made to contacts/organizations/opportunities etc stating when the change was made, who made it and what the change was (e.g. User removed x tag on x date). I realize that you can 'Follow' a contact/organization and receive notifications when a change is made, however to follow every contact and organization would mean a significant number of notifications and not every Insightly user in the organization would likely do this, or have an easy, quick, and efficient way to know when an update had been made. Because there is no record of changes made to an object, it can be difficult to tell if the information you're looking up is current/correct. I've recently looked into another CRM option because of this (Hubspot) - they keep an ongoing list on each record of each change made, by whom and when. Is this something you will be implementing in the future?



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  • I just discovered a "Notes" report that shows timestamps of when my projects changed pipelines. I think it used to be under "history" in the past, now they're still noting it (and counting it against my data record count) but not showing it anywhere except from inside that one report.

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