So much clicking

My team has noticed that since the implementation of the new Insightly, we do so much more clicking to get to the correct area. I know, this may just be specific to our workflow, but has anyone else noticed this?



  • Yes, we do tons of clicking and its very annoying. Seems like any time we add a task or a comment or a note to anything in a project or contact record, we have to click 4 times to get back to where we were to begin with.

    I would love it if Insightly made it such that any time you modified a record or added a task or comment or note or anything it would immediately take you back to the last page you were on.

    I've also noticed that when you delete a task from a record, instead of staying on the record, it takes you back to the "Tasks" page which shows all of your Tasks (not just the ones for that record). In no situation if I'm in a record deleting tasks do I want to end up on the "Tasks" page.

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  • Hello ZM,

    I'll proceed to move your post to our Discussions and Best Practices page where other Insightly users can comment and provide any helpful tips. 

    Thanks for your feedback and post! 

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  • Ok, thanks Alejandro!

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