Email template editor button for "Insert Fields" not working for all fields

First of all, I'm new to Insightly, and am liking it so far (considering transitioning from Bitrix24). In using the email template feature, I used the button in the editor bar for "Insert Fields", including a field for "Role/Title". (Now, I notice in my Contact records that, while there is a field for "Title" which I am using, I see no field called "Role/Title".) So using the editor toolbar button for "Insert Fields", I have inserted fields into my template for "Role/Title", "First Name", and "Last Name". The latter two work just fine, and correctly insert the Contact's names into the email. The Title field of the Contact record, however, does NOT get inserted. Is this a bug that anyone else has experienced? And does it have to do with the fact that the toolbar button is referencing a field called "Role/Title" - which I do NOT see in my Contacts records - rather than the "Title" field? Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Carmine,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    I've just sent you an email to gather some additional information regarding your issue.


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  • Looks like this was posted a year ago and I've just run into the exact same problem with the exact same field.  

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  • Hello Daniel,

    I'm sorry to hear you are running into this same issue. Let's see we can try some basic troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue. 

    Let's start with checking if it’s the browser, can you try accessing the page with a different browser than the one you have been using? We recommend Firefox or Chrome and make sure that you've updated your browsers to the latest available version.

    If it works in another browser, I suggest logging out of all accounts, clearing the original browser’s cache, then signing back in to see if that resolves the problem. Here are the instructions for how to clear your cache; we've included instructions for all popular browsers, so regardless of which browser you use, we've got you covered:

    Microsoft Edge

    I hope that helps. If not, let us know which operating system and browsers you've tried and we'll continue to investigate. Any additional details about the steps you're taking will also help us troubleshoot for you.


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